Dragon Boat Festival Themed Cultural Event for International Students at the School of Finance

To better explore and pass on the cultural essence of the Dragon Boat Festival and to strengthen international cultural exchange, allowing international students to better understand and appreciate Chinese traditional culture, the School of Finance held a cultural event themed Taste of Dragon Boat Festival, Gathering Together on June 16, 2023, in Room 313 of Wenquan Building. The event was attended by Wang Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Finance, Vice Dean Hu Hongbing, head of the international students' mentor group Gu Lulu, teacher representatives of the international students' mentor group Bai Xiaoying, Xiao Shuang, Mao Xiuping, Wu Zhenxing, graduate cultivation secretary Cao Chenlu, and all the international students currently enrolled at the School of Finance.


At the beginning of the event, Dean Hu Hongbing introduced the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and recounted the story of Qu Yuan, which allowed the international students to gain an in-depth understanding of the Chinese traditional festival and to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Subsequently, the international students and teachers present began making zongzi together. The school had hired an expert zongzi maker from outside the campus to prepare ingredients like bamboo leaves, dates, and glutinous rice in advance for the event, carefully guiding the participating students in the art of making zongzi. The students were enthusiastic, each showing off their skills, infusing their longing for a beautiful life and their homesickness for family into their creations. After wrapping the zongzi, everyone cooked and tasted the flavor of the zongzi at the event site.

To enhance the international students' experience of the Dragon Boat Festival culture, the School of Finance invited a teacher of fabric art, who is also an inheritor of this intangible cultural heritage, to teach the students how to make sachets. Amidst the intertwining of needles and threads, each sachet was finally crafted. The students excitedly took photos with their sachets, proudly showing off their handiwork to each other.

Through hands-on activities like making zongzi and crafting Dragon Boat Festival sachets, the international students were able to truly experience the folk traditions and cultural essence of the Dragon Boat Festival. This series of Dragon Boat Festival events promoted Chinese traditional culture, enhanced international students' awareness and understanding of Chinese traditions, and fostered interaction and exchange between Chinese and foreign students. Additionally, these activities also made the international students feel the care and concern of the school.