Major Introduction


Cultivation Objective: This program aims to cultivate international students who should master the solid knowledge of finance, have good disciplinary literacy, be proficient in theoretical methods and analytical tools of finance, be familiar with the frontier of finance research in the international academics, have excellent academic insight and the ability to conduct research independently, be fully capable of economic analysis and decision-making in financial institutions, government and corporate sectors. 

Major characteristics: The major integrates four research fields, including monetary theory and policy, financial institution and risk management, international finance, financial markets and securities investment; focuses on the combination of micro-finance and macro-finance, the combination of classical financial theories, cutting-edge financial analysis methods and practices, as well as the combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis ability. The major has high-end talent training platforms (National Key Disciplines and Specialties of Finance), a national teaching team for core courses of finance, strong faculty team (Ten Thousand Talent Program for Prestigious Teachers), and a large number of alumni resources (Alumni Association of Finance, Alumni Association of equity investment, Alumni Association of fixed-income business, and etc.), which has formed the characteristic of collaborative training of outstanding students by on-campus faculty and alumni resources. 

Core curriculum: There are 11 professional courses of Finance: Intermediate Financial Econometrics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Intermediate Corporate Finance, Financial Institution and Markets, Financial Models and Writing Skills,  Investment and Capital Markets,  Financial Risk Management,  International Finance,  Financial Regulation and Supervision,  Financial Engineering. 

Career development: In the past three years, the majority of students of this major find a job in financial institutions, government and public institutions, and some of them further their studies at home and abroad.

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