<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352249/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Minggui Yu'>Minggui Yu</a>

Minggui Yu

Professor; Corporate Finance, Corporate innovation, Labor and finance, China Economy, Finance and economic growth

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352239/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Huihao Liu'>Huihao Liu</a>

Huihao Liu

Professor; International Finance; Bank Management

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352247/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Ziguan Zhuang'>Ziguan Zhuang</a>

Ziguan Zhuang

Professor, doctoral supervisor; Macro finance; Climate finance; Digital currency; Carbon markets, carbon trading and carbon finance; Low-carbon transition and g...

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352246/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Yanli Zhou'>Yanli Zhou</a>

Yanli Zhou

Associate professor; Financial stochastic analysis, actuarial insurance

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352245/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Xianping Zhou'>Xianping Zhou</a>

Xianping Zhou

Professor; International Finance; Monetary Theory and Policy

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352244/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Xuelan Zhang'>Xuelan Zhang</a>

Xuelan Zhang

Professor; Financial Development and Industrial Upgrading; Management of Financial Institutions

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352243/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Nannan Yuan'>Nannan Yuan</a>

Nannan Yuan

Associate Professor; Green Finance, Bank Management, Financial Risk, Corporate Finance

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352242/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Sheng Xu'>Sheng Xu</a>

Sheng Xu

Professor; Corporate Governance; Firm-Level Innovation and Incentive Mechanism; Financial Accounting and Auditing; Network Data Mining by Stata and Mata

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<a href='/finance_english/2023/1206/c15176a352241/page.htm' target='_blank' title='Nianyong Wang'>Nianyong Wang</a>

Nianyong Wang

Professor; Financial Reform and Financial Development, China’s Financial History

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