School of Finance Hosts Mid-Autumn Festival Themed Event for International Students

    On the evening of September 25th at 18:30, the School of Finance held a 2023 international students' freshman advisor meeting and Mid-Autumn Festival themed event in Wenquan South Building, Room 313. Attendees included Hu Hongbing, the Associate Dean of the School of Finance; Wang Zhengjun, the Associate Dean of the School of International Education; Gu Lulu, the leader of the international student advisor group of the School of Finance; the representative teachers of the international student advisor group Huang Xiaowu and Professor Chen Sichong; Gan Tian, the director of the Enrollment and Cultivation Office of the School of International Education; Wang Xiujing, the director of the Graduate Work Office of the School of Finance; representatives of the teachers from the School of International Education Li Fanjie, Chen Huafei, Zhang Xizhi, Cai Miao; representatives of the teachers from the School of Finance Cao Chenlu, Yang Yating; and all the master’s and doctoral international students of the School of Finance.

    At the start of the semester, with warm words, Associate Dean Hu Hongbing, on behalf of all the faculty and students, welcomed the new international students and introduced them to the key disciplines of the school as well as the talent training program. He also kindly advised the attending students on their future study plans and campus life.


    Cultural Exchange, Creating the Future Together. Associate Dean Wang Zhengjun stated that Zhongnan University of Economics and Law is not only a cradle for cultivating talents but also a platform for cultural exchange. International students come from different countries and live together at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law; they should respect each other's cultural backgrounds. At the same time, we also hope that all international students will actively learn about traditional Chinese culture and experience the charm of Chinese culture.

    Studying at Zhongnan, Advancing with the University. Khan Shajib, a representative of the 2021 doctoral international students, shared his study and life at the university with everyone, expressing gratitude to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law for providing such an excellent and professional learning platform. He said, In campus life, I can deeply feel the warmth from teachers and fellow students, and I will move forward towards a better direction together with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in the future.

    New to Zhongnan, Speaking from the Heart. As a representative of the 2023 master's international students, Sriwattanangkul Krissama expressed his gratitude in fluent Chinese for the precious learning opportunity provided by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and shared his feelings about learning Chinese. Chinese, as a language full of charm, is the key to unlocking the door to traditional Chinese culture and also serves to bring people closer together.

    To better understand each student's background and facilitate teacher-student communication, the students gave brief introductions about their personal information and majors. The teachers welcomed the newcomers and shared their research interests and courses they teach. In a harmonious atmosphere, teachers and students engaged in friendly conversations and took group photos, marking the beginning of the next agenda item — the Mid-Autumn themed event “Moon of Longing, Mooncakes of Affection.”

    Appreciating a short film, the students gained their initial understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival's origins and customs, and they enthusiastically demonstrated their knowledge of the school and Chinese traditional culture during a quiz with prizes.

    Mooncakes convey sentiment, and everyone shares in homesickness. An external mooncake chef was invited by the school to prepare ingredients such as snow skin, red bean, and lotus seed paste in advance, teaching students and teachers to make snow skin mooncakes together. Everyone was excited to showcase their skills, infusing their aspirations for a good life and memories of home into their creations.

    Fun and Games, Joy in Mid-Autumn. To further strengthen the camaraderie between teachers and students, the event featured a fun game called Draw and Guess. Students on stage used their entire body language to depict the given topics, while their teammates racked their brains, thinking outside the box and eagerly buzzing in with answers.

    On this beautiful night, the moon connected us all, symbolizing the enduring and pure bond between teachers and students, undiminished by distance.